Horrific Squid: Has the BBC lost its sense of humour?


As fuel prices rocket and the money it costs to do pretty much anything is making us dig deep, a lot of the British population are staying in to watch more television. Luckily Britain possesses the first and greatest television broadcaster in the world: the BBC. However, despite the British public paying around £3.4 billion a year in TV license fees, only 25 percent of the BBC’s new programmes are worthy advocates to the torch this organisation holds so high.

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Spirited peep inside the kitchen


Alan Davies, a regular on Stephen Fry’s QI, takes on a dispirited chef in new comedy Whites.

BRITISH actor Matt King is waiting to shoot a scene for series two of Spirited in Sydney’s Stamford Hotel, which sits eerily preserved awaiting demolition. Bizarrely, given King plays the ghost of a dead rock star, we’re sitting in the room next to the one in which Michael Hutchence died – the only room in the hotel that remains locked.

But we’re not here to talk about Spirited. King is also a writer, responsible for the six-part British series Whites, which begins next week on ABC1. But we’re not here to talk about Spirited. King is also a writer, responsible for the six-part British series Whites, which begins next week on ABC1. The gentle, character-driven comedy, based on King’s experience in a professional kitchen, stars Alan Davies as Roland White, a dispirited chef treading water at an exclusive country restaurant.

”Whites is totally based on Hanbury Manor, where I worked,” King says. ”It’s a facsimile. Roland is a composite of several chefs I know who can’t be bothered any more. They’ve kind of missed the boat, missed out on Michelin stars and cruise along.”

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Take It To The Top: Whites

20110326-222458.jpgCurrently being repeated on the BBC HD channel, BBC Two’s comedy series ‘Whites’ has found itself a loyal following. Set in a country house hotel, it follows the trials and tribulations of head chef Roland White, played by Alan Davies. Viewers have been impressed by this intelligent and subtle comedy but are dismayed that there will be no second helpings.

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We’re all middle class now…

Whites Campaigning: We’re all middle class now……said former Prime Minister Tony Blair back in the late 1990s (and the Daily Mail, notably). The comment brought snorts of derision in many quarters and also kicked up indignation in our house – what the hell’s wrong with being working class? I took from TB that it was something to be ashamed of, not celebrate.
Last week I wrote a blog about the axing of TV show Whites, saying that if close male friendships can’t be explored it was restrictive to the way both genders are portrayed on telly.

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BBC Points of View Online

BBC Points of View OnlineBBC Points of View Online posts new online exclusive features each and every Friday including exclusive news on BBC services and answers to viewers’ questions from BBC programme makers and senior decision makers.

This is an ideal forum to discuss the cancellation of Whites and there are a number of established threads already on the POV messageboard:

BBC comedy WHITES axed
Whites (new BBC2 comedy tonight)
“Whites” on BBC Two: Series Cancellation

You can also contact the Points of View team directly to tell them what you think about the BBC’s decision not to commision Whites for a second series:

  • by email:  pov@bbc.co.uk
  • by telephone:  0370 908 3199 (calls are charged at local rate, mobile tariffs will vary)
  • or by post at:  POV, BBC Birmingham, Birmingham, B1 1AY

You can also send your opinions via video-phone or webcam by emailing your video to video submissions to pov@bbc.co.uk

Bring Back Whites campaign gathering steam

Bring Back Whites campaign gathering steamFull disclosure upfront. I have only seen two episodes from the first (and only) season of the BBC situation comedy, Whites, starring Alan Davies as an executive chef at a country house hotel that has “past his sell-by date”. That said, I feel qualified to comment on the current Bring Back Whites campaign…

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Interview with Alan Davies

Interview with Alan DaviesIf there’s an authentic flavour to the kitchen work in BBC Two’s new comedy Whites, starring Alan Davies, it’s thanks in no small part to the time the cast spent perfecting their chops under the watchful gaze of the chefs at Jamie Oliver’s London restaurant, Fifteen…

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Online PetitionAs tweeted by Alan Davies, Matt King and Issy Suttie – the Petition Buzz Bring Back Whites online petition.

This petition will be presented to the BBC Comedy department on completion of 10,000 signatures.

Please show your support by signing the petition today.

The Skoose Dance

Skoose’s (Stephen Wright) amusingly surreal dance to ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ at the talent party wows the staff of The White House. You wont want to miss this.

Talking Telly: 5 reasons we need more Whites

The BBC sitcom Whites just ended its six-show series this week, and apparently it’s been popular enough for people to start contacting the network begging for a second-series order. The Twitter buzz on the show alone has been outstanding…

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Why saving Whites is a female issue

Why saving Whites is a female issue
Cath Bore – Liverpool writer about town – writes in support of Whites.

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@bringbackwhites on TwitterFollow @bringbackwhites on twitter for the latest news and updates on the campaign.

Feature: Bring Back Whites…Please

Most of you reading this will probably have at some point been a fan of a TV programme that has been cancelled by its host channel prior to it reaching its natural or intended conclusion. Personally I struggle to think of any, well that was the case right up to the point when the BBC decided not to commission a second series of the sitcom Whites.

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Dan’s Media Digest ~ Campaign: Bring Back ‘Whites’

The BBC have 33 slots for comedy shows every 12-months, but comedy’s a prime target for cost-saving, so it’s been necessary to axe a few shows this year. Cheryl Taylor, the BBC’s Comedy Commissioner, recently decided to axe the gastronomic comedy Whites as part of these cutbacks. This is a decision that, frankly, boggles my mind…

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Five reasons why Channel 4 comedy fans should love Whites

Five reasons why Channel 4 comedy fans should love WhitesThe first series of Whites finished last night with an Eighties-themed staff party, a broken engagement, a broadcast conversation about low sperm motility and a enough loose ends to demand a second series. And when it does arrive here are five reasons why you hardcore C4 comedy heads should tune in…

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Whites produced by BU graduate

Bournemouth University (BU) Television Production graduate Michelle Farr is behind the BBC hit comedy series ‘Whites’.

The programme stars Alan Davies and is set in the kitchen of a country house hotel. It screened on BBC2 with ratings reaching three million.

Michelle, who produced the six part series said: “The day Whites got commissioned was one of the happiest and most fulfilling of my career. And seeing it on screen is indescribable. This is a show that I developed from scratch with the writers Matt King and Oliver Lansley, who came to me in March 2007 after trying to get several shows off the ground. We shot a taster in January 2008, a pilot in 2009, then the series this year.”

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